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Jack Frolich

"I'm just a school boy looking for answers," Jack Frohlich's chorus starts. The Birmighham-based indie rock artist details the difficulty of growing up in a school system that churn out graduates resigned to reality. "Well, in that moment, you realize everything might be as it seems." The disillusionment does more than just desaturates Jack's spirit, it impedes his growth.

With vignettes of his life, Jack walks us through how social pressures and societal expectations limited what he thought his options were, and how he finally realizes he needs to focus on himself instead.

The bright, nostalgic guitars ring happy, while the lyrics and vocal timbre imply regret. The diametric contradiction of school and life, carries into the surprising moments of realization Jack cleverly incorporates into the composition.

At 2:49, the song feels fully resolved; there's even a silent lift. But, it's a false ending. The hesitancy and uncertainty need an inflection point. Jack returns in the final minute to repeat the chorus, now with more resolution in his voice, before ending on a stripped down reiteration of the chorus. Confidence and growth have happened, but even though the song has ended, Jack hasn't.

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This is only the second single on his upcoming EP, Silver Going Grey. What other "little flowers" will he show?

Stream "School Boy" below.

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