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Hard times suck. They are the absolute worst, everyone knows that. Just when you thought that you're close to reaching your goal, life just decides to trip you up and make you fall. Except it'll never actually stop us. Because there's only one direction left to go after that: up.

Teesside-born indie artist Finn Forster talks about these struggles with his latest single, "Fly". Despite mainly using the difficulties he experiences in his music career, it's a song that caters to everyone who wants to stand up and overcome life's difficulties.

"Fly" is a fusion of the two genres that Forster loves: country and folk, and their influence is prominent throughout the song. The riffs of strings strewn throughout, and the deep energetic vocals that are both synonymous with the two genres, go hand-in-hand in creating a soundscape that's really something special. Not to mention the harmonies created by the instruments that are just oh-so euphoric.

The motions of the song are simply inspiring and motivating, especially its lyrics. And, well, it's just pretty damn catchy, if we do say so ourselves. It will definitely be stuck in your head for weeks on end, similar to how it was when Forster was creating it.

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Tough times are surely gonna get you down, but this track by Finn Forster will change how you see them. They aren't stopping points, just some things that you can simply iron out, because nothing can get in your way.

Stream "Fly" below.

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