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Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, you just can’t see eye to eye with your partner. It’s that moment where you realize you’re not on the same page anymore. Frustration breeds.

SILT start at this point in “You Hate It”. From there, they reach the point where “enough is enough” and something has to give. The weariness in their opening lines weighs heavy with the feeling of being trapped. But, that quickly gives way to an assertiveness prioritizing themselves.

With a lone violin pierces the harmony, the pangs of complicated emotions pour through. “When there’s pressure always lining the insides,” they bluntly state. It’s visceral.

The muted drums open a space where SILT can be vulnerable. As the piece builds to the end, a simple guitar and voice combo takes us out. A final major chord reverberates into the contemplative silence.

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As the second single from their upcoming EP, Contact High, SILT breach into the tangled emotions of the confusing and uncertain aspects of life, love, and happiness.

Stream “You Hate It” below.


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