Caisy Falzone

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Caisy Falzone started writing the chorus to “Into You / Into This” long before the rest of the song came. Her blunt, optimistic verses could only come from someone deeply in love. And so, she waited until she found that person who got her “blood pumpin’ at a higher speed,” as she sings.

The happy, feel-good vibe from every note rings like a ‘90s rom-com. As she falls in love during the song, the instrumentation grows more buoyant. The smiling lyrics float over the steady strumming and drumming, bouncing along from gleeful moment to moment.

Her vulnerability and raw emotion of this universal moment fit nicely into her debut EP, All That I Know, while providing an upbeat lift.

The line “You give me reason to smile,” perfectly captures the joyful timbre ringing across this high-energy song. Even the cheery, bright guitar solo over the bridge mirrors the glowing bliss in Caisy’s voice.

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As the end rings out “shock waves ride through my veins again,” we’re brought back to the very beginning where Caisy first announced this—a beautiful loop that we never want to end.

Stream “Into You / Into This” and all of All That I Know below.


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