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Aficionados of acoustic guitar, folklore, and gentle falsetto voices will have lots to love about "Wild Folk", the new single from UK band Sleep Walking Animals. This song excels at building lush harmonies that cascade neatly through its light buildup.

Like a confluence of rivers, these voices develop throughout the piece until they melt into the ocean of the song's peak that bellows with smoothly executed energy.

A proclamation of love despite the death that does us part rings all over the piece. "When it's time to lay me in the ground/ Lay me down on the point beneath the sand/ Beneath the sand is where I'll be… No weight of the world can hold me down/ Not when you're around." Sentiments of passion and hope shine within these lyrics.

Sleep Walking Animals formed in late 2010, but the crew they were then is far from the group they are now. The outfit began their journey at local open mics around London, seeking a sound through original music that hinted towards influences of The Arctic Monkeys.

Over time things evolved into the folksy, gentle sonic motif we hear today after the group was inspired by a beautiful guitar riff presented by guitarist Joe Etherington that sparked a chorus of harmonies and pushed the bandmates into this genre.

The five-piece is now based out of Manchester and is currently comprised of Tom Glynn-Carney (vocals), Joe (guitar), Jack Brett (bass), Alex Harford (guitar) and Nuwan Hugh Perera (percussion).

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With very tight-knit instrumentation, lyricism, and passion for music and art it's clear this band has a fruitful and nourishing future ahead of them.

Stream "Wild Folk" below.

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