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"Sometimes we're too caught up in our own lives that we don't see when a friend is in need of a conversation," Romanie Assez said of her latest single, "Fake Friends". Going by her mononym Romanie, the Belgian singer-songwriter is known for her honest and intimate topics. Her vivid lyrics are a heartfelt evolution of her sound.

"You're singing words I do not understand," her chorus starts. With perfect control, minute catch-breaths and hesitant pauses highlight the tender fragility this personal topic has created.

With an acoustic guitar bouncing between notes, almost like it can't settle and is worriedly pacing, the opening notes establish the anxiety behind Romanie's plea. Even the sparse instrumentation hollows out a space for her wounded words.

By the time the drumbeat pushes forward in the mix, we're marching along. The music video has begun moving away from the safety of nature and into the cold, uncaring city. Her innocent creamy-white dress stands in stark contrast to the dark city scenes. It ties her personal experience of being far from the friends she's known her whole life into this beautiful new release.

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Watch "Fake Friends" below.

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