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Brite Spot

When you find the one, you'll do anything to buy just another moment of their time. Brite Spot sings about a long, winding drive home milked for every minute in "Drive Home".

It's no surprise "Drive Home" was inspired by a late-night drive around LA with his girlfriend (now wife). Matt Sztyk (pronounced "stick") imbues every note with that warm want. He layers a heavy reverb over the guitar, almost doubling it—literally a "two become one" kind of moment from the very first note.

Between the heavy reverb and the vocals' forward position in the mix, it's almost like Sztyk is narrating a memory. When he sings, "ride until the sun comes on, chasing after light," it's the same drive he did with his now-wife.

There's a command that continues to crop up in the lyrics, "promise, don't let go of my hand." Considering that drive eventually ended in marriage, that line feels even more poignant. And considering this is only Brite Spot's second release, it's going to be a bright future.

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Stream "Drive Home" below.

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