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There's nothing better than a good song that tells a good story, which is exactly what "Slow" by Disco Lizards is about. As the lead single to their new EP Roll Over Red Rover, the track is about two people in a hospital balancing on a tightrope over love and death.

The whole song is intense, with even psychedelic accents to the fully rock-influenced instrumental, leaving no dull moment. Its vocals tell the story in a way that clearly displays what a person would feel in that particular situation, and how being on the verge of death or at least admitting its inevitability will make you succumb to your emotions.

Production and mixing of the track by Ian Werkhouse Flynn gave a good balance between its tameness and loudness, which rounds it out perfectly. Of course, the song wouldn't be as great as it is without the contribution of the entire band, which was a collaborative project by forerunner Matt Stolworthy.

With the pandemic going on, a lot of people decided to take a break from going after opportunities calling for their creativity, but Disco Lizards had something else in mind. Instead of standing still and lying in wait, the band forged through and decided to spend the whole pandemic writing and creating their music, and are finally ready to share their talent to the world.

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So, what are you waiting for? You've got their whole EP to enjoy, but why not start off with the lead single?

Stream "Slow" by Disco Lizards below.

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