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Brooklyn-based musical artist Di Ivories began penning "Offer My Spine" back in March 2020. With the pandemic just getting started, uncertainty swirled. On one hand, there was optimism that everyone was just overreacting and normalcy would return in a few weeks. But the darker alternative never left their minds.

By mingling these two opposite emotions, singer-songwriter Diego Martinez created "Offer My Spine". The verses land dark and evil, with sharper tone changes and an aggressive bite to the vocal's final consonants. But the hopeful and energetic choruses lend light, buoying the mood back to a confused, neutral state.

The teeter-totter between light and dark visually plays out in their music video, between the "good" side of Diego and his "bad" side—both after the same spine artifact. Set in a retro-futuristic world, they both chase the same dream. Diego's inner demon looks like it might win, but as the music breaks into a soft interlude, good triumphs.

The music quickly ramps back up only to begin breaking down. As the musical division between light and dark falls, so too does the harmony and even the scale. Passing whole tone phrases and a glittering sprinkle of chromaticism let the end fade into a beautiful musical bokeh of resolution.

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Watch "Offer My Spine" below.

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