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Admit it, the best love you've ever felt for someone wasn't because of anything physical, it was a culmination of all those moments you spent with them, especially the ones that didn't seem all too significant at the time. Moments that made you say "damn, I've fallen for them."

Those small moments are what Montana-based music duo Desperate Electric want you to acknowledge with their latest single, "Karaoke". The track is about the love story of Ben and Kayti, who together form Desperate Electric. Having met in college which is partly thanks to Kayti's karaoke DJ roommate, the song is titled after the fateful night that Ben decided to make his move.

Full of funk, rock, and soul elements, "Karaoke" gives listeners a new, yet nostalgic feeling with its musicality. The lyrics are the duo's way to reminisce about the exact moment they realized that they were meant for each other, pulled off tremendously by Ben's main vocals and Kayti's soothing harmonies.

Unbelievable as it seems, Desperate Electric weren't always comprised of two people. Formerly known as a quartet named DASH and had even released an album, they found themselves losing members throughout their regional tour, until finally ending up with just the two that would eventually become one as Desperate Electric.

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Despite these roadblocks, the duo forged through, creating their own sound with the talents that they have and more importantly, making soulful music that will "make you move."

Stream "Karaoke" below.

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