Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Canadian artist Davy, a veteran solo artist and collaborator, spent three months crafting “Push Me Further”, with Lorelei. Officially the latter’s debut single, the Australian-born, Malaysian-raised, and Canadian-based musician brings a storied set of inspirations to the indietronica ballad they’ve created.

With a quick ramp, “Push Me Further” steps into Lorelei’s breathy vocals. Each syllable has an edge, evoking Lorde’s delivery, but feels close and intimate like Billie Eilish. Her poetic lines, filled with linguistic twists, float over an airy, over-produced bed of sound. It’s on striking juxtaposition of vulnerability and expansiveness.

By the time the titular line arrives, Lorelei has explored a self-reflective process about leaving the old her behind. “Push me further and reverse the growth I’ve made to a higher place,” she repeats. As she steps forward into the new her there’s a step backward to a nascent state of potential.

When Davy enters, it is not to provide answers. He is also soul-searching. Short phrases, quick rhymes, and a soft delivery that lingers with reverb mirror several techniques of Juice WRLD, but with Davy’s own characteristic twist. His deeper baritone allows for a more grounded tone, acting as a base for the complex harmonies and chords ethereally floating around his lines.

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Lorelei’s angelic vocal runs signal the beginning of the end. Minor seconds tinge the harmony with sparkles of intricate flavors as the arpeggiated bass staggers to the echoing conclusion.

Stream “Push Me Further” below.

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