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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Otto Plesner has lived an interesting life, growing up on the many backstages of Scandinavia while his mother worked as a makeup artist and his father as a lighting designer. He's traveled the world living in Paris and New York, before calling Holland his home.

This disparate experience carries over into his debut single. "My Darling" magically combines an eclectic fabric of genres and textures that somehow creates a beautiful whole. Opening with a dreamy atmosphere hiding white noise and digital beeps, a modern poetic universe unfolds.

"High above the deepest seas/ See me, I'll be standing there/ waiting for you, my love," he promises.

Melancholic keys add to the ambiance, but slyly set up the biggest tonal shift of the piece: a sudden injection of jazz and recorded voice.

Like a wonderful paradox, this high-fidelity lo-fi moment fits perfectly into this timeless narrative with a deep message: love is an act of will, a choice and a promise we make to someone.

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Love is more than a strong feeling, it's a decision. Decide to fall in love with the first in a series of singles from Otto Plesner.

Stream "My Darling" below.

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