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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Age strikes us all. Sometimes that's seeing the three decades you've dreamed of being an "aspiring artist" and wondering how long you can claim "aspiring."

Luckily, Cherry Blaster doesn't have to worry too much about "aspiring." Their latest single, "New Age," conquers that and all the fears and uncertainties surrounding it. Rocking out on a toy piano, the trio plays off the insecurities of leaving your youth behind.

In a virtually robotic tone, Cherry Blaster toys with the harsh staccato of the harmony and the tender vocals offering vulnerable lines like, "your fine lines are gone" and "you can even see your seams." There's heartbreak in the detachment.

And that separation from reality is enhanced in the music video. The world of pink and white reflects the inspiration behind the song. Frontwoman Iulia Ciobanu dreamt of her silver hairs turning pink, and that bloomed into a full cyborg musical dream called "New Age".

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As this android-like moment gains self-acceptance, the catchy tune drills deeper into your ear. It's a lo-fi masterpiece that begs for repeated plays.

Watch "New Age" below.

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