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Ah, the feeling of liking someone. No, we're not making fun of you for having a crush, don't worry. Actually, we're here to sympathize with you. We've all been there, wanting them to like us back, but not knowing if they feel the same, or if they even consider liking us back. But look on the bright side, at least it's a normal thing, right?

Well, Ellie M definitely shares this sentiment with us, because her latest single, "Not Good Enough for You", is your brand new anthem for these types of situations. A self-taught artist, Ellie M is able to shine through with her talent and innately amazing voice.

And that's really the star of this whole thing: her vocals. It's soulful, nostalgic even, in a way. It's something you won't expect just by the sheer fact that not a lot of people have that quality in their voice nowadays. Of course, to complement the soulful vocals, you gotta have a soulful instrumental backing it up, and Ellie M definitely understood the assignment.

Being only another stepping stone in a bountiful year for the artist, especially with her plans of releasing her debut EP, it's just gonna keep getting better. And we're all here for it.

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Stream "Not Good Enough for You" below.

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