Wednesday, September 27, 2023

2020 has lasted too long. Harsh summer disappeared into a cold winter and even the comfort of loved ones was denied. It’s a bleak time to release an upbeat song like “These Moments”. Thank goodness Elbé did.

Seamus Allen, Nora Frederich, and Kieran Fitzgerald captured the morning glow of a music festival, complete with the instant coffee and distant hum of music from across the field. They’re begging us to get lost in this atmosphere and revel in our unique, yet universal memorable moments—nights out with friends, crowded stages, camping trips with packed coolers and hot fires.

Relive the moments that made you forget the world for three and a half minutes.

Bright keys, courtesy of Emily Naughton, lift the drums and guitar to create an airy indie pop vibe. Grooving bass riffs stick in your ear nearly as well as the melody. The vocal timbre sparkles, accented by plenty of hi-hats dashing across the drumline. Every element builds to a smile.

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“These streets, these bars, these hills in the stars,” Seamus sings, bringing us back to yesteryear while hoping for a brighter 2021. Hum these summer hooks whenever 2020 piles more on. You’ll always have those summers. And they will come again.

Stream “These Moments” below.

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