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Art Thief - Behold a Queen

Blending the beautiful strings of a classic art song with the funky bass of modern neo-soul, "Behold A Queen" buzzes through the air. Art Thief and Aubrey Haddard weave a dreamlike tale of a bee as the second release on Art Theif's full-length album Tough Crowd.

Aubrey Haddard's offbeat lyrics float with an octave split over Jeremy Truitt's busy drumming and the bee-like bumbling of Sam Smith's bass. Each musical moment captures the odd interaction with a bee.

"I think I like her stinging me," they observe, simultaneously angelic and robotic. A striking balance with Dan Frankhuzien's cello at the beginning. Drifting across musical styles, "Behold A Queen" is hard to pin down to one genre. Ethereal and supernatural, the erratic energy barely contained by the languid lyrics captures the spirit of a spontaneous moment in nature.

The moments of peace, like when "stinging me" repeats in a pedal point around the harmonic movement, jars pleasantly. Accenting these stillness in the chaos are sharp, crunchy chords from the keys. They sparkle like light refracting on the wings.

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Stream "Behold A Queen" below.

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