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Music is another dimension. We listen to it to console ourselves or just relax. We sit down, plug in our earphones, and enjoy the ride. But what if that ride is in fact headed someplace else? What if that song you're listening to reels you in and takes you somewhere ominous, somewhere foreign?

Well, that's definitely the vibe of Austin-based emerging indie rock band Shooks' latest single, "O2". It's slow, vague, psychedelic, and dream-like. That wasn't the original plan for the track, though. Lead singer Marlon Sexton says the tune was a lot faster and bouncier, but their attempt at recording it resulted in what we have today.

By no means did they make a mistake with composing and recording the song, the band just simply chose to record this at high altitude, specifically in a cabin out in the mountains of Colorado. The title actually comes from this fun fact, since they needed oxygen tanks to combat the altitude sickness that afflicted them from how high up they were, that also bled through to the song itself, giving it that deep, mysterious vibe that we oh-so love.

We here at the blog won't be spoiling any details for you, so if what we said has piqued your interests, then you're gonna have to experience it for yourself. Trust us, you're gonna be on the edge of your seat on that wild ride, which is to be said both figuratively and literally since the music video directed by Blake Nelson actually does take you through an ominous and trippy car ride, matching the song's aesthetics perfectly.

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Watch the music video for "O2" below.

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