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There's something empowering in finally letting go of the things that hold you back. The euphoria of not needing any external substances to be happy, to survive. And this is what Austin Marquez wants other people to feel with his debut single titled "(closer to) clear".

The singer-songwriter, who is also an accomplished dance choreographer, starts off his music career with a track that is extremely close and personal to him. Having the song's release be his reminder of a year of sobriety, it tells of the artist's search for something genuine amidst modern society.

Produced by New York music genius SIXFOOT5, the track features a variety of synth sounds and a dreamy soundscape that will definitely capture the ears of any listener. Marquez may have started out as a choreographer, but his smooth voice and writing expertise shine throughout the entire song.

The artist's singing is brimming with emotion, which sure highlights the quality of his vocals. Lyrics are very personal, narrating Marquez's feelings conflicted by the lack of authenticity that he experiences in today's world. But, they are also there to empower and inspire others, to find this clarity and come closer to something clear, to something real.

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This quest to spark the flame in others' hearts means a lot to Marquez, who is a member of the queer community, which has faced numerous prejudices and discrimination throughout the years. This is his time to tell everyone that he has risen up, and his call for them to do the same.

Stream "(closer to) clear" below.

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