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The dark can feel oppressive, but sometimes it's a comfort. In Au Gres' latest single, "At Home In The Dark", the Michigan-based artist crafts a supportive song for his girlfriend who suffers from depression.

As the song opens, the guitar quickly builds to a jarring chord with diminished qualities. The shrunken, off-kilter sound resonates, but bright, open synths quickly lift the melancholy to cement the song's thematic home. Hopeful, yet grounded, it offers a simple and powerful statement: "we'll do what it takes to feel at home in the dark."

The lyrics offer a place to process mental issues, safely and with a friend. Quiet moments pair for contemplation paired with energetic musical lines for action builds a support system.

Moving from aspirational progressions to an emphatic pre-chorus placing each word on an accented beat, the song acknowledges a need to cling to something. Dark moments can't be conquered alone. But even in the most structured sections, Au Gres offers autonomy. The use of "we" instead of "I" reveals a partnership. Take Au Gres' proffered hand, and sit a moment to "feel at home in the dark."

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Stream "At Home In The Dark" below.

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