Anastasia Lynne’s new single “Bothered” cripples you with desire

Complexity from simplicity, rich harmonies and triadic vocal runs cascade into an atmosphere of desire.

With indie rock heart and a pop sensibility, the third single from Anastasia Lynne’s debut album smoothly draws you in. An intimate guitar strumming, fingers sliding from chord to chord, evoke a personal performance. Her heart bleeds for a sympathetic ear.

“I’m bothered by you because I’m tainted just like you,” she acknowledges. Crippled by desire, her clear vocals tremble with a slow vibrato. The longing guitar rings out complicated harmonies that hint at the denser musical sections yet to come.

Shifting from her reluctant admission, the slow, emotionally-packed builds coalesce into an energetic atmosphere. Her triadic vocal runs glide from the thick orchestration to illustrate the complexity she’s derived from simplicity. The self-duet of overlapping vocal lines mirrors her cognitive dissonance: she’s bothered by him; she desires him.

As the emotion rises to a crescendo, the denouement begins. All the previous musical pieces tumble together, cascading into this atmosphere of desire. The conclusion, wrapping up with a lingering organ, sparkling like a nostalgic thought.

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Stream “Bothered” below.

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