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Heartsick and homesick, these come with the enduring pain of physical and emotional distance when one decides to relocate at the consequence of leaving memories behind. The new offering from Alex Bloom tells his story of moving back to Los Angeles after staying and finding love in New York, hence the title “LA NY”.

The song is a mellow, yet piercing indie tune about the conflicting emotions of moving away, which will transport you out of your own world. Starting off with a melody that’s hard to miss, the simple piano accompaniment with some bits of acoustic and subtle percussion results in a harmonious dreamy vibe that hits home.

“What would it take to make you run away with me to LA today?/ What can I say to make you leave NY behind?” Bloom emotionally croons, voice softly drifting through the soundscape. Every word in the lyrics relates to the string of thoughts about a promising romance that may come to an end if distance were to break it apart. Nostalgia fills the air as the beat echoes, even toward the song’s conclusion.

Along with this effort is an aesthetically pleasing music video directed by Sean Hollihan, which highlights a mix of retro and cottagecore visuals that will definitely rekindle the essence of sentimental feelings with hints of longing. From the compelling melody to the creative elements fused into one, it’s a great addition to the brilliant track.

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Watch “LA NY” below.

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