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In 2020, Flowerbomb released "sorry" on their full-length album pretty dark. It didn't take long for the album to start turning heads, earning a WAMMIE Award from MusicianShip for Best Rock Album. Now, Flowerbomb return to this hit with a fresh music video capturing the genre-bending tones the band's known for in visual form.

The saturated guitars set the stage for Rachel Kline's vulnerable voice. And while the raw lyrics have an emo vibe, there's a punk sense of narcissism baked into each line. When she sings about having a "sinking feeling it's all because of me," it's both self-deprecating and self-congratulatory.

The scenes in the video mirror this duality. There are fun elements in all of them but with something that feels just a touch negative. Blending these elements together is the alternative rock vibe the harmony sets up. The overall union of sounds brings an honest reality to the lyrics.

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Even the abrupt cut to halftime pulls in this duality. The energy from before crashes into the outro, fading out as the video focuses on her face and final antics. Even as the energy falls, the emotion rockets up.

Watch "sorry" below.

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