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A bike reflects a father-son relationship in Grimson's "Will He Ride (My Bike)"

After reuniting with his estranged father, the brutally honest lyrics betray the fear and uncertainty of what happens next.

Worry, pain, and fear float along the surface of Grimson's debut single, "Will He Ride (My Bike)". A tale of meeting his estranged father who moved to Germany, the plot revolves around riding their bicycles around Berlin and wondering what will happen after he returns to the States.

Aiden Berglund, the artist behind Grimson, only shared this deeply personal song with close friends and family. He even hesitated to share the film he created based on this song. Dealing with alcohol abuse, growing up without a father, and all the emotional weight from his childhood, the documentary also centers around his six-month study abroad in Germany and what will happen after he leaves.

Luckily, he did share the documentary and music video. Besides winning "Best Original Song" in the LA Indie Short Fest, both helped him grow closer to his father, especially when they viewed the finished product together.

But it's not all fear. As the two characters appear in the music video, the drumbeats intensify. The power and hope erase the fear. And even as the song ends, the slow click of the bicycle spokes can be heard. There's hope it will ride the streets of Berlin again.

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Watch "Will He Ride (My Bike)" below.

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