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Today marks the 15th anniversary of Dashboard Confessional's second EP, So Impossible. Released on December 18, 2001, through Vagrant Records, the four-track album received wide acclaim and reviews for uniquely angling the sail for both emotive songwriting and acoustic guitar-voice music style—thanks to the genius of Chris Carrabba, whose brilliance never ceases to shake listeners to now.

Tagged as one good example of a concept album, So Impossible delivers a beautifully written story about a guy who longs after a girl. It begins with the track "For You to Notice", with the line "I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head/ where I would impress you," a verse that draws the determination to make a move despite the uncertainty of it impressing someone adored.

The title track, "So Impossible", is backdropped with the unexplainable rush of mixed thoughts the characters experience while talking to each other for the very first time. After talking about bringing a friend for a friend, exchanging pretty hasty questions even ones such as "if you like coffee in the evening," the song closes with an assurance, "So yes, I'll see you there."

"Remember to Breathe" is the third part of the story. This is where the guy seems to feel uneasy, curious, and reasonably in panic. The lyrics imply the protagonist's awkward nature as he foresees things about the date. He decides between "sneakers or flip-flops," a perfect epitome of being too concerned about what his date might think or say. Carrabba drops the right feel with the line "Remember to breathe/ and everything will be okay/ Alright," an ending he extemporizes on occasions.

The story reaches its peak with the unification of the characters' surging emotions in "Hands Down". Oftentimes introduced by Carrabba as the song about "the best day" he's ever had in his whole life, the song completes So Impossible beyond compare. The melancholic masterpiece that became one of DC's most celebrated songs of all time encapsulates the passion that Carrabba incorporates into the EP. Outlining an atmosphere of romance and intimacy, "Hands Down" closes the story with the guy recollecting every detail of the moment he shared with the girl he yearns for.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me? So I die happy.

So Impossible turns 15 today, giving everyone who listens to it the same affectionate warmth it has given since 2001. December 18th reminds Dashboard Confessional fans of the day a carefully crafted concept album by Chris Carrabba came to life. So Impossible is hands down one of the best emo EPs out there.

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It feels good to be consumed by nostalgia every now and then, doesn't it? Listen to the EP below.

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