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Best lo-fi beats to study to in 2021

Finest of is a curation franchise on UNXIGNED where we curate standout releases and group them by genre so you don't have to.

Finest of is a curation franchise on UNXIGNED where we curate standout releases and group them by genre. In this Finest of issue, we feature the best chill lo-fi study beats released this year so far. This list will be regularly updated until the end of 2021.

Last updated May 1, 2021

Stream the full playlist on Spotify: UNXIGNED Finest of: Lo-fi Study Beats

Lubin Beta – "Sandra"

Swiss beatmaker Lubin Beta not only admits to being obsessed with the science of analog circuitry, he also showcases what he's learned by actually recording real instruments using such an approach. Impressively, he crafts melodious, vibey lo-fi songs that are sure to hook listeners for all the right reasons. The chill, moody progression that often hints at jazz and bossa nova puts Lubin Beta at the forefront of what could be a new lo-fi movement.

Officially starting out this year with "The Good Chips", the jazz junkie now continues to intrigue study beats enthusiasts with a new song called "Sandra". Combining Latin American rhythms with nicely layered samples of swirling musical textures, the number cuts through the stillness of time and evokes a happy, light mood.

sebjin – "Ease"

French composer sebjin introduces himself in a whole new fashion with his latest number, "Ease". Best known for his usually powerful, metallic, and dark-leaning musical sensibilities, it's without a doubt surprising to hear his gentle part. "This track allows us to pause this inner storm related to our uncertainties, our worries, and our negative thoughts," sebjin explains.

With "Ease" sebjin offers a moment of softness, catching us listeners off guard with his own blend of dreamy hues. Delicate and lush percussive clicks guide the chill piano stamps through a vinyl-esque atmosphere, in effect giving this sense of being in a "bubble of serenity." Such a modest way of hinting at sebjin's ingenious musical plurality.

Ghost Weather – "I Miss Face to Face"

Perhaps one common trait among lo-fi producers is that they don't stop being inventive with their craft. Look at Ghost Weather, for example. With his Tascam field microphone he spent a good number of days roaming the streets of Cincinnati, Charleston, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Jakarta, and reached as far as Tokyo just to record noise samples to be used in his compositions.

The result is fantastic. With those samples he's able to write, compose, and record a total of 11 tracks that now make up his debut full-length, Lofi Focus Sessions, Vol. 1. The fifth track, "I Miss Face to Face", evokes a meditative, nostalgic mood that's exactly what Ghost Weather wanted. What's very interesting? "I used a spray bottle, a tin can, an aerosol can, and a toothbrush to make the percussion," the artist shared in a statement, adding, "I think the piano is my favorite part."

Yosh – "Calm Night"

Playing around in the key of E-flat with his keyboard at 80BPM, Yosh arrives at a tune that is now his first 2021 release. "Calm Night", a two-and-a-half-minute number, is the new addition to the Japanese composer's catalog of chill lo-fi beats. The instrumental song evokes a charming, gentle, and bright mood.

Combining romantic piano phrases and meditative bell overtones, Yosh offers an imaginative work that's able to hold you throughout its runtime. The groovy baseline matched with the relaxing drum loop adds a touch of weightlessness. It's dreamy, but most especially peaceful.

Ky.P – "53"

Ky.P has returned with his first 2021 lo-fi offering, "53". The Mexican lo-fi producer, who in 2020 set out on a musical journey to fulfill his dreams while pleasing every ear his songs touch, blesses us with this relaxing, thoughtful instrumental tune. With gracious guitar licks floating in front of soft, high-pitched piano strikes, a gentle mood is introduced.

"I love chilling music, mellow pianos and interesting effects," Ky.P says of his lo-fi chillhop tendencies, adding, "Percs are also my favorites." There's a lot of reason to love the composer's work, most especially its minimalistic, yet introspective character. Now do yourself a favor and check out his humble collection.

620 the Broker – "Love Love"

"Love Love" is the newest to come out from 620 the Broker. A fresh addition to his growing lo-fi catalog, the track is a dreamy, chillhop number ready to soundtrack your reverie. Started in 2020, the project centers on the fusion of jazzy chords and twinkly ambient backdrops.

The one-man show run by a Louisiana-based Black musician—who is the head of Black Excellence Entertainment's production team—has been making waves since its inception, and the arrival of "Love Love" is expected to boost its momentum. With a handful of releases already under his belt, 620 the Broker is no doubt among the lo-fi acts to look out for.

Cosmonkey, RINZ. – "Browsing Earth"

At 14, RINZ. already discovered his fondness for music. He spent his teens learning as many instruments as he could and recording his own music. For the years that followed RINZ. developed, honed, and established his craft into a multifaceted vehicle of expression through which he shares his feelings.

Now with over 30 titles released since 2017, the Amsterdam-based lo-fi producer once again delivers a soothing, relaxing, yet engaging number in collaboration with Cosmonkey. "Browsing Earth", released February 15, is the composers' musical translation of their shared wanderlust. To them it's a way of expressing this feeling of "deep travel-thirst" they believe everyone can relate to these days. Do you miss traveling? Let this tune take you somewhere nice.

Wizard Death – "a spirit's gaze"

Christened Wizard Death, it is ironic how this lo-fi project brings so many musings to life. After over 20 titles (three of which are albums), the outfit on Friday welcomed its fourth 2021 single release. "I think this track has the power to hypnotize," Wizard Death offers. Hear it for yourself.

Fusing elements of electronica and hip-hop greeted by synth-laden tremolos, "a spirit's gaze" extracts a delicate, curious mood. Soft layers of dreamy pads and leads create a very absorbing atmosphere to which a humble drum loop anchors itself. It's chill, reflective, and genuine. Wizard Death creates not just music, but also states of mind.

Macabe – "West End"

Envisioning a small jazz quartet playing live with a hip-hop drumkit, Macabe ends up scoring a chill, dreamy lo-fi tune. It's minimalistic, yet groovy, and hooks you through its cozy mood. The song, "West End", is now the multi-instrumentalist's official debut single, which offers a glimpse of what his new project is headed toward.

Macabe is a producer whose musical background was significantly shaped through his years of involvement in the New York/East Coast scene. Among his favorite genres are hip-hop, R&B, jazz, funk, and soul. Just listen to the above track, his fascinating, well-crafted music need not say more.

tecashi – "why am i alone at the dinner table?"

Armed with a restless imagination, nature samples, and homegrown production skills, tecashi composes songs that carry with them his story. The Filipino lo-fi producer, who names Joji as his biggest inspiration, admits to feeling unsupported by the very people he expects to lift him up. Indeed, "why am i alone at the dinner table?" tells a lot.

Instead of dwelling on negativity, though, he turns to music and communicate through it his thoughts. As simple as being heard fuels tecashi's creativity. His freedom to express his emotions with each note is what keeps him going. To him, his work doesn't only mean becoming one of the best lo-fi artists out there, it is foremost an outlet through which he connects with his mental and spiritual state.

Daida – "Alone"

"Take yourself a moment alone under a blanket, some warm chocolate milk, and a good beat for a lovely winter," suggests Daniel Idah, the brain behind the lo-fi project Daida. With "Alone", his latest release, the LA-born musician expands his growing catalog of instrumental gems with sheer sincerity in mind. It's fresh, light, and thoughtfully relaxing.

With over 10 years of experience as a DJ and producer for various bands, Idah has no doubt elevated his craft. Starting Daida in 2018, it has quickly become a familiar outfit in the community of lo-fi lovers. He is currently based in Tel Aviv and is actively releasing beats after beats, exploring the different realms of electronic music in the process.

Billy Hammer – "soft glow"

"Create grooves to soothe the soul," this has been the mantra of producer and multi-instrumentalist Billy Hammer since his career got started. Notable for remixing songs by Disclosure and Teedra Moses, amassing over 1.7 million SoundCloud streams, Hammer has by now become a household name in the lo-fi space.

His latest release, "soft glow", sees Hammer crafting psychedelic-tinged harmonies with soft guitar patterns juxtaposed with ambient, orchestral noise. Applying just enough tension on each instrument, he soothingly delivers an otherworldly sense of bliss. Hammer names Tame Impala, FKJ, and the Grateful Dead as among his musical inspirations.

AHOAMI – "Lanterns"

Described by their label as "incredibly talented," anonymous beat producer AHOAMI takes listeners for a walk in the park of imagination while listening to sounds that soothe the mind. With "Lanterns", the third track on the project's debut record Reflections, AHOAMI offers a glimpse of what they're about.

Combining sampled bells, muted guitar licks, and grainy ambient noises, the song evokes a calming mood, bringing to mind a sense of aimlessness—as if wandering through a rainy city while appreciating the very beauty of solitariness. AHOAMI is managed by Tunetank, a library that offers no copyright music. That means you can actually download AHOAMI's work right here, right now.

Driftr – "Transient"

Austin-based producer Travers Bray, professionally known as Driftr, blends lo-fi piano samples, twinkly guitars, and grainy ambiences, making them sit atop pulsating drum loops complemented by subby basslines to create an exquisitely dreamy groove. Released February 9, "Transient" marks Bray's foray into the lo-fi scene.

"This song was created to inspire the listener to feel a sense of happiness and warmth," Bray says of the track. Inspired by both big city sidewalk noises and the ever-so calming sounds of nature, Driftr aims to escort listeners through day-to-day journey of reflection—be it during a morning coffee breather or during a long ride home.

Inert – "Hypothesis"

The name says it all. Inert's music puts your world to a halt, letting you soak in your past and present for however long you please. Crafting wobbly and fuzzy chiptunes, the anonymous beatmaker debuted with Finally, Identity in January.

Inert is proud to share their first of four singles slated for the coming days. "Hypothesis" serves as the introduction to Tutorial, which is Inert's debut full-length. The material is set to drop in March and will feature the pixelated, beat-making avatar's idiosyncratic music. Meanwhile, you can join Inert in their 24/7 lo-fi radio Discord server.

LOUNGETUNES – "Morning Coffee"

Veteran producer Frieder Mollat has a new music project called LOUNGETUNES, and with it he welcomes you to his lo-fi world. Combining light drum loops, wobbly guitar licks, and sampled sounds of nature, he crafts refreshing dreamy tunes that free the mind from all sorts of worries.

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"Morning Coffee", his latest release, once again proves Mollat's natural flair for meditative melodies, something that has defined his life since embarking on a music career over two decades ago. It's relaxing, peaceful, and homey. He has since released five LOUNGETUNES material since launching the project in 2020 and it looks like he has more in the works.

December Roses – "Loading Screen"

Atlanta's very own December Roses continue to invite us into their unique lo-fi territory. Their third track this year, "Loading Screen", extracts a sense of anticipation, but intriguingly doesn't make you feel time. There's just no rush that is felt throughout the number.

Carefully layered samples make up the song's core: from the softly played guitars, reserved synths, lightweight drum loops, to sliding pizzicatos. It's the soundtrack to our idle, introspective moments—ones where we're lost in thought, waiting for someone or something that may or may not arrive.

Adágio – "Plundering"

North American lo-fi producer Adágio's fondness for grainy instrumentals has taken him through all of 2020 in the most chill of ways. Having achieved notoriety with his debut track "Inside", the composer has since continued to drop singles after singles, taking listeners on a meditative trip.

This year, Adágio has several tracks slated for release on Lifted LoFi Records, including one collaboration with The Delirious Artist. Among his heroes are Jinsang, eery, and most notably, potsu. "Plundering" is the B-side for "The New Yorker", released just today (February 11).

johnboybeats, Plon B. – "Cliffside"

A new arrival from johnboybeats and Plon B., "Cliffside" takes you where it's most chill. From the artwork itself, it tells you to take a breather with someone who appreciates the world exactly the way you do, and see what you both will make of it. The song is contemplative, modestly groovy, and very holding—nothing better to that end.

The Brooklyn-based lo-fi producer continues to treat us with his immensely captivating beats enveloped in a lush, dreamy sonic cloth. Combining nicely trimmed samples of smooth guitars, drums, sax, vocals, and live bass, johnboybeats' latest Plon B. collab is just perfect for your next cliffside sunrise or sunset escape.

9ICK – "Sølvgrå"

The latest lo-fi offering from 9ICK is a chill, immersive jazz-hop tune that blends sampled guitar, light piano strikes, and grainy percussive atmospherics. Titled "Sølvgrå", the song was composed, produced, and recorded by 9ICK in collaboration with German fellow Hanses.

Nicolas Hamilton Stephensen, the brain behind the project, has been producing since 2018 and is currently looking to expand 9ICK. As a classically trained pianist, he has a strong sense of attention to detail, which allows him to fuse jazz, hip-hop, and laid-back electronic beats with ease. "Sølvgrå" was released under Chill Moon Music.

Lo-Fi Eamonn – "latte"

Eamonn Watt, better known by his moniker Lo-Fi Eamonn, is back with his first 2021 single release. After releasing a series of successful study beats throughout 2020, there seems to be no stopping for the fast-rising producer who already has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The new study jam, "latte", once again showcases Lo-Fi Eamonn's undeniably amazing production finesse. Layering samples of relaxing sounds to form a dreamy soundscape, Eamonn delivers a really chill tune to soundtrack your next coffee break. Take a sip and keep yourself warm.

Raven Paradox – "Say Something"

Raven Paradox's latest addition to his growing lo-fi arsenal tells you to not hold back and let it all out. "Say Something", a tune made up of steady loops of nicely chopped stems, couldn't be any louder on the intention with which it was created.

The instrumental project is the brainchild of solo artist Mike Bar. Starting off as a guitarist in numerous bands for over a decade, Bar soon developed a strong interest in nu jazz, trip-hop, and experimental music, leading to the birth of Raven Paradox in 2019. His song "My Point of View" (2020) remains to be his most streamed output to date.

KOFĒSHOP – Carousēl Drēams

KOFĒSHOP continue to cheer listeners up and spread comfort with their latest work, "Carousēl Drēams". The light, gentle touch of every beat on this song approaches us in the sincerest of ways.

With what the brother duo has exhibited over the course of their budding career, the way they connect through music is arguably the most natural spot. The track is a much-needed breather in between rests en route to your dreams.

Alt. Vers. – "Gratitude"

Alt. Vers.'s sampling skills on this piece is no doubt fantastic. Hinting at Motown, jazz, and soul, Alt. Vers. succeeds in making smooth horns and grainy percussions sound as a harmonious whole.

"Gratitude" evokes that feeling of warmth while thanking the universe for a new day. Nice layers of audio clips cut through the musical cloud like sunbeams touching your face.

Marihiko Hara, Polar M – "Take a Leap"

The new collaborative effort by Japanese duo Marihiko Hara and Polar M is a very imaginative take on the feelings of resilience, joy, and hope amidst all that is happening to the world we live in today.

Four years since their first project together, the pair reignited their chemistry and produced four tracks of sonic euphoria. The release, entitled Music for Home Vol. 1: Our Season, is the first installment of a new curation series by their label mü-nest.

johnboybeats, Plon B. – "Refresh"

"Refresh" by johnboybeats and Plon B. is what you'll get when you weave live bass, clavs, guitars, calm beats, and accordion. As relaxing as its title suggests, the track could well soundtrack a cozy weekend picnic on a hill.

With birds flying around, clouds keeping their distance, the wind blowing softly, and you under the tree—what a mood, isn't it? It's freedom translated into music. And this offering from johnboybeats and Plon B. is pretty much an escape. Have a listen and feel refreshed.

December Roses – "Space Station City 99"

Spacey synth tones and mesmerizing chords envelope December Roses' second 2021 release, "Space Station City 99". Groovy bassline exchange weight with hip-hop-tinged backdrop, creating a depth that evokes feelings of nostalgia.

The duo's Atlanta jazz roots is essentially at work on this track, imaginatively playing around sidechaining to create a holding mood. Synths come forward juxtaposed with pretty meek drums, enough to guarantee an otherworldly kind of bliss.

Philip Phunk – "Body Feel"

German beat producer Philip Phunk has a message, and it is as powerful as it is important. Using sampled vocals and hums, they cut and weave delicate musical arcs that not only try to sooth the ears but also an individual's well-being.

"Body Feel", the anonymous artist's first release this year, is aimed at inspiring people to accept and love their bodies without an iota of doubt. Philip Phunk professes that every body is perfect, and this tune was created for us to recognize that.


KOFĒSHOP's second 2021 single, "Jadē", is perhaps the duo's most eclectic work to date. Not only is it their first "Oriental" lo-fi track, it is also their first foray into another lo-fi sub. "Our goal was to create something that sounded different," they explained.

The main melody on this track is played with a Chinese instrument called erhu. A Rhodes piano is played atop a reserved drum loop that is enveloped in vintage-sounding signals.

Sal Dulu – "Girl"

Sal Dulu, the Dublin-based producer who rose to prominence with his debut single, "Duluoz Dream", is back with another psychedelic number. "Girl", which comes off the back of recent singles "B" and "Alien Boy 96", segues once again with Sal Dulu latching onto distorted beat loops and twinkling piano segments.

An array of complex rhythms and jazzy clouts delivers a different glimpse of what his forthcoming debut Xompulse promises. Speaking of the record, he said, "The album comprises fragments of aural and visual memories and assimilates these in a series of memory-based songs or dreams.  The album can essentially be described as moving through a dreamscape."

Confidential – "Etude in C#"

An étude is also known as a study. Its purpose is to represent a technical progression. But what exactly inspired Confidential to write "Etude in C#"? "For me, it was an attempt to write a piece from the ground-up using particular rules," he said.

The Brighton-based guitarist is classically trained and maintains that while his works may not have any lyrics, "it's easier that way." Starting his musical journey in 2020, Confidential already has three full-lengths under his belt and a handful of singles that examine his introspective life as a musician.

Ogi Feel the Beat, PARADEIGMA – "Things Will Be Different from Now On"

Ogi Feel the Beat and PARADEIGMA's much-awaited collaboration has finally arrived. Outside the Box, an eight-track collection of chillhop gems, is sure to get you engrossed in thought. With a shared fondness for lo-fi sounds, their decision to work together must have been a no-brainer.

Standout track "Things Will Be Different from Now On" sees the pair basking in a cocktail of animated samples. As with the rest of the album, the tune showcases the two instrumentalists' musical craftsmanship—Ogi Feel the Beat's electronic sensibilities and PARADEIGMA's flair for dreamy funk.

rubberband. – "stay"


San Diego-based lo-fi producer Jesse Arvizu gives us a hint of what he's been brewing as of late with "stay". Released under his solo project rubberband., the track is a minimalist, yet stirring work of art that reaches depths. Arvizu admittedly crafted it with a clear intention in mind, and that is to create a shift in mood enough to stir dynamics.

The project is currently only available on SoundCloud. When asked whether it's coming to Spotify in the near future, Arvizu said, "I am extremely new to making music so I am trying to fine-tune my pieces and make more before I release on [other] platforms. Still working out kinks and spending time in the lab!"

KOFĒSHOP – "Starting Ovēr"

"Starting Ovēr" by KOFĒSHOP takes listeners to a whole new environment. A mixture of ambient noises and dampened drums make for a really delicate vibe. It is such an ecstatic way to start the year.

A piano, a kalimba backed up by nice guitars, and a sense of respite, all blend to project a fresh start that most of us wish for coming out of a terrible 2020. With their imaginative musical prowess, they're able to convey a message of a new hope.

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