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Awesome lo-fi beats to study to in 2020

Finest of is a curation franchise on UNXIGNED where we curate standout releases and group them by genre so you don't have to.

Finest of is a new curation franchise on UNXIGNED where we curate standout releases and group them by genre. In this Finest of issue, we feature the best chill lo-fi study beats released this year so far. This list will be regularly updated until the end of 2020.

Last updated December 31, 2020

Stream the full playlist on Spotify: UNXIGNED Finest of: Lo-fi Study Beats

9ICK, 8een – "Cookies"

Fugee – "Truth Hurts"

johnboybeats, Plon B. – "Morning Dew"

Kindbrew, Soulone Beats – "Golden"

Just Steezy Things – "Instrumental 34"

KOFĒSHOP – "Dark Chocolatē"

GaryOAKland – "Late Night Ride"

johonboybeats, Plon B. – "After This"

Saïlss – "Epiphany"

Shiv Darbar, GOTAE – "an angel cried"

Jeff Ramos – "Usagi"

December Roses – "Daylight"

skyswimming, Easy Morning – "Let Yourself Go"

Dyelo think – "urban sea"

Joy Fu Р"P̩tanque"

Mister Sparx – "16 Bit Afternoon"

Lo-Fi Eamonn – "Come Chill With Me…"

KOFĒSHOP – "Away in a Mangēr"

KOFĒSHOP – "O Christmas Trēē"

brillion. – "Summit"

brillion. "My Spaceship"

brillion. – "Orbit"

Distances – "daybreak"

green tee – "Accy Brick"

Kasi Opi – "Sera"

Kyodai – "Horizon"

Frxnco – "Cozy Christmas"

ShoPaRo- "The Ghost Kid Says Hello"

Daida – "Pleasant Fragrance"

Lo-Fi Eamonn – "Peace"

Krisengebeat, RIDEONE, DJ C.S.P. – "Another Day"

Lo-Fi Luke, Goson – "Post M"

Bmbu – "pressure"

Bmbu – "winter"

Audio Color – "Violet"

Rever Deep, BismarckSax – "Kombucha Lowrider"

Davide Perico, Dojee – "Goodbye Little Friend"

Study Buddy – "Best View"

Fool Suede – "Snoodseason"


Alvinos Zavlis – "When I Think About You"

Kiwi Mango Punch – "Lemonade"

Moon Paw Print – "Tomorrow"

vibrant years – "I want to go home 2"

Paziest – "Eolo"

Fox Vandall – "Loungin"

The Sugalumps – "Home Room"

Sbeady – "Through the Night"

Biiig Stretch – "Can't Breathe"

Entropy – "Wrld View"

Study Buddy – "Shelter"

G Bersa – "Interstellar"

Study Buddy – "Time Drip"

Geisha Baby Lofi – "When It Rains"

lofi geek – "Error 404"

Jervi – "Bittersweet Memories"

The Other Guys – "Los Angeles Shorty"

Frxnco – "Just Friends"

FoePound Production, [ocean jams] – "Dreamjams"

EyeLoveBrandon, Jonny Tobin, Nikki da Jukebox – "Follow You"

Faux King – "Bless"

Nouan – "Late Sunset, Pt. 1"

illexotic – "c h i l l"

Biiig Stretch – "Her Garden"

Mark Generous – "Meganne"

Confidential – "Ghosts"

Lo-Fi Eamonn – "Your Call Is Important to Me"

Scada the Aesthetic, Cohen Caballero – "D.O.A.F."

Ky.P – "Maybe It's My Fault"

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