Finest of is a new curation franchise on UNXIGNED where we curate standout releases and group them by genre. In this Finest of issue, we feature the best chill lo-fi study beats released this year so far. This list will be regularly updated until the end of 2020.

Fool Suede – “Snoodseason”

Alvinos Zavlis – “When I Think About You”

Kiwi Mango Punch – “Lemonade”

Moon Paw Print – “Tomorrow”

vibrant years – “I want to go home 2”

Paziest – “Eolo”

Fox Vandall – “Loungin”

The Sugalumps – “Home Room”

Sbeady – “Through the Night”

Biig Stretch – “Can’t Breathe”

Entropy – “Wrld View”

Study Buddy – “Shelter”

G Bersa – “Interstellar”

Study Buddy – “Time Drip”

Geisha Baby Lofi – “When It Rains”

lofi geek – “Error 404”

Jervi – “Bittersweet Memories”

The Other Guys – “Los Angeles Shorty”

Frxnco – “Just Friends”

FoePound Production, [ocean jams] – “Dreamjams”

EyeLoveBrandon, Jonny Tobin, Nikki da Jukebox – “Follow You”

Faux King – “Bless”

Nouan – “Late Sunset, Pt. 1”

illexotic – “c h i l l”

Biiig Stretch – “Her Garden”

Mark Generous – “Meganne”

Confidential – “Ghosts”

Lo-Fi Eamonn – “Your Call Is Important to Me”

Scada the Aesthetic, Cohen Caballero – “D.O.A.F.”

Ky.P – “Maybe It’s My Fault”


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