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You Monster You - Downtown

"This band should not exist," You Monster You claim. They've spent the last two years surviving (and once again thriving).

Launching their debut album in 2019, they were the emerging darlings of the punk world. Opening side stages for Third Eye Blind, Paramore, and Jimmy Eat World, their name popped up everywhere. Two singles, "Throw" and "Dodge", featured heavily on local radio stations 96.5 "The Buzz" and 90.9 "The Bridge".

And then it came crashing down. Half its members retired from music. Those remaining suffered "brutal hand injuries."

After they pulled themselves back from the brink, COVID hit. Canceled concerts left and right. But instead of wallowing in the demoralizing one-two punch, they responded in the most punk way possible—a f*ck you to the negativity called "Downtown".

Their latest single is a love letter to the nightlife we long for. "Give me a ride downtown," they repeat. The sharp guitars bite through the chants, yells, and catchy melodies.

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The new lineup of Trent, Dave, Jamison, and Tyler each bring their own piece of resilience and brilliant musicality. "Downtown" leaves you feeling nostalgic and excited for tomorrow at the same time. We will party again. And You Monster You will likely be blaring through those speakers.

Stream "Downtown" below.

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