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Each revered for their significant contributions to the must-know fingerstyle guitar repertoire, Andy McKee, Calum Graham, and Trevor Gordon Hall have joined forces to create an explosive fingerstyle experience that transcends the boundaries of guitar potential.

Tripliciti (often stylized in small caps), through McKee's lead, combine their flair for rich sonic textures, memorable melodies, and soulful arrangements, which makes for a thrilling dose of Americana, jazz, flamenco, new age, and rock.

The fingerstyle supergroup in 2023 launched a pre-order campaign for their upcoming debut album, which was recorded at Maple Hill Farm with Grammy award-wining producer Corin Nelsen. "Relaxed, yet intense and worldly. Brave yet simple. That's my first reaction," fingerstyle icon Tommy Emmanuel said of the record, powerfully reaffirming the beauty and artistry that these three guitar virtuosos have skillfully woven into their craft. The album promises to be a testament to their collective talent and a mesmerizing journey through a soundscape that is both innovative and emotionally resonant.

Complexity is brought center-stage as the trio skillfully navigates the fretboards with creativity, weaving intricate harmonies and rhythms into a musical identity that demands to be experienced firsthand. Tripliciti is a celebration of the guitar's history and a glimpse into its thrilling future. The trio doesn't just play music; they embody it, pushing the boundaries and unlocking new sonic and compositional possibilities.

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Watch their version of McKee's song "For My Father" below.

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