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Being in a band with people who see eye to eye is any musician’s dream, but being in the same band whose members’ like-mindedness never dithers is serious business. For Milan-based rock band The NUV (also The New Ultraviolet Vanish), both statements are easily their lived realities.

Formed on the outskirts of Brianza by friends Demis Maloy Tripodi, Andrea Calisto, and Dante Brin in 2003, the clique has released several EPs, two LPs, and a remix album over the years. Their debut effort, Top Model Super Fashion, captures and exhibits in full The NUV’s signature punk-ish alternative rock and grungy post-hardcore sound that they remain known for to this day. It’s the album fans make people listen to so they start listening to The NUV. It was then followed by the more sophisticated The Nuv Sucks, No Really in 2016.

The trio has toured all over Italy and abroad, with numerous concerts taking place in Belgium, Germany, USA, to name a few. But like most touring bands that rose to prominence and found themselves too occupied on the road, The NUV ostensibly went on hiatus after touring in between releases.

Finally, following a few years of inactivity, the band in 2019 returned to the studio and began work for their newest effort under indie label Moquette Records. “Spillover”, which features Italian-Belgian band Romano Nervoso, is the second single off the much-anticipated brand new NUV full-length. Released earlier this month—or after almost a year since the first single, “The Wolf of Green Street”, came out in July 2019—”Spillover” only intensified the waiting game for thrilled NUV fans.

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The NUV’s style evidently moves within the sphere of modern, alternative rock with a touch of grunge that is rather punk-friendly. Like Sloan meets Fugazi meets Pixies—in a Foo Fighters-led jam session. Lastly, their post-hardcore tendencies surfaces pretty naturally in that their time-honored comradeship may well be explained by that fact.

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