Monday, September 25, 2023

As far as folk, punk, and art rock are concerned, it’s a yes for The Nova Fiends. These up-and-coming eclectics based out of Melbourne make crazy, quasi-psychedelic bangers that ain’t for the faint-hearted. If you fail to get past their witchcraft, then feel free to pack up and leave. But you’ll miss the great stuff.

The Nova Fiends’ experimental spell inject listeners with an apocalyptic high in the form of songs that might collapse into chaos without warning.

We have yet to know what inspired their band name but they pretty much seem to be living up to it. The Nova Fiends are young Jeff Mangum and Jake Bugg pulling an all-nighter with Neutral Milk Hotel. Lol no, kidding. They’re Sean and Walt Brading. The boys already have a couple songs under their belt and will start working on a new EP once “momentum overcomes inertia.” Like, fine.

Follow and support them directly at https://thenovafiends.bandcamp.com. Also, they’re coming to Spotify very soon.

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