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The subject of bands with siblings, whenever brought up, often yields Oasis or The Kinks as no-brainer answers. Indeed, both brothers-fronted rock bands have attained international recognition, respectively, not just for the good reason that is their music, but even more so for the brotherly feud that has made their very groups dysfunctional. Though the Davies bros finally ended their 25-year strife not long ago, too bad the same resolve looks pretty out of reach for the Gallaghers who, as of writing, remain in bad blood since they called it quits.

The Elston Guns are yet another English band with brothers as frontmen. Matt and Nick Wilson, together with lead guitarist Chris Waters and drummer Jorge Morate, have been actively involved in the London gig scene for over a year now, performing live their energetic, riff-wise modern rockabilly tunes. But unlike the abovementioned legends, the Wilsons seem to be the best of friends and get along perfectly.

Matt and Nick make chemistry easy to define. Armed with a style that is naturally straightforward rather than enigmatic, the guys really live up to their rock and roll tactic and fuseโ€”not at all putting to shame their toying with Bob Dylan's sometime stage name.

The Wilson brothers are amazing multi-instrumentalists. They equally share songwriting and interpretation duties for the band. It is not unusual to see Matt and Nick change roles and instruments in between songs during live performances, which makes The Elston Guns a very interesting and jaw-dropping outfit. With their long list of influences, the siblings-led rock band's versatility is almost certainly an indisputable given.

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"Days Are Done", which was sung by Nick, employs a pint of Gin Blossoms and Counting Crows elements to it without at all abandoning that Elston Guns benchmark sound. The relaxed, country rock-ish feel is well-delivered, rhythmically played by talented lads who know what's up.

Their latest release, "Definitive Love", came out last May 29th. This new upbeat track features Matt on lead vocals and demonstrates the lively, dancy side of The Elston Guns. Its bluesy, enthusiastic, and lyrically coaxing anatomy gives a nod to that '60s rock 'n' roll vibe but is outstandingly in keeping with that of the modern day. In sum, The Elston Guns' music is of a very high caliber.

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