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There's no denying that pop rock is an ever-evolving genre that to a great extent continues to inspire and console many. Throughout its over half a century of existence, pop rock remains to be the go-to trip for young adults who seek refuge from a not so understanding world. It's a fact. Pop rock songs are indeed like best friends. Even those who have followed the scene and have outgrown their youth still find solace in it. Although it has been a long time since the genre notably broke into the music world early on in the new millennium, the increasing number of emerging indie acts recapturing the zeitgeist of '00s pop rock tells of an impending resurgence.

Such is our first July discovery, Naipia.

George Dewhurst once lost himself on the coasts of Napier, New Zealand, a turning point in his life that made him rediscover his love for music, prompting him to return home in England and form a band. He named it almost after Napier: Naipia. Together with his bassist cousin Harry Dewhurst and drummer Matt Leppenwell, they create songs that speak of misspent youth, growth of the soul, and battling with inner demons—topics that may well hint of George's period of self-reflection and personal recovery or some other equally thought-provoking backstory.

Over the last two years since its inception, Naipia has instantly turned into a household name in the UK live music scene, emerging with a relatable, intimate indie pop/rock affect fused with frontman Dewhurst's unique, candidly sensible voicing attitude. Their sound patently carries some recognizable rock and pop influences. A Kings of Leon kind of rock force can be observed in Naipia's most recent single, "Lonely", as well as a playful Jonas Brothers charming pop syntax. The clique, through its music's clear-cut texture, delivers a saccharine, mature pop spirit cautiously crossbred with a subtly gripping punk rock undertone. Their message? "It's okay to not be okay."

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The Brighton-based three-piece has played some huge support opportunities at festivals around the country, growing their following and eventually landing an artist management deal with HP Music last year. Shortly thereafter, Naipia made it to BBC Introducing Live Lounge with the song "Another", which further gained the interest of Australia-based label Golden Robot Records. Naipia ultimately signed to the label early this year, paving the way for an exciting and promising career for the boys.

Watch Naipia's BBC Introducing Live Lounge performance below.

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