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Linda Rum's sense of space and texture is second to none. It's something she's masterfully fostered early on in life and takes with her wherever she goes. It's innate.

The Hamburg musician is among those who know exactly what to do with their greatest strength. She's unique, gifted, and truly exceptional—yet she need not insist to be called all that.

On her song "Vampires", a new version of which was released last month, the indie singer exhibits her pure flair for ambient projectiles coupled with ferociously vivid and honest lyrical seams.

It's melodically appealing, charged with a delicate synth-laden dreamscape that only gets more and more expansive throughout.

An electrifying sonic stem branches out as Rum follows through the saccharine orchestral buildup, keeping her subtly overdriven voice afloat and unconfined. "They don't know," she sings repeatedly with conviction, as the rather subdued drum rhythm and the pulsating string arpeggios underneath make for a vulnerable, yet reassuring safety net ready for a likely fall.

Except that it doesn't happen.

Instead Rum's ethereal voice and the now wholly post-rock-hued instrumentation lift off with sheer might and reach transcendental heights, utterly breaking free from life's greatest dreads and embracing it the way she's simply meant to.

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"I wrote this song for people who have the feeling of not being understood," she said of the single in a statement, adding, "I want to encourage them to be themselves."

Stream "Vampires" below.

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