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Being 15 is hard enough. Being 15 and openly queer, trans, and non-binary in the heart of Texas can leave you feeling completely alienated. That feeling is the obvious inspiration behind Kaatii's latest single, "Superterrestrial Humanoid", a musical tale of an alien trying to find their purpose, their place, and their home.

The lighthearted premise offers ample room to dive into heavy themes. As Kaatii's crystal clear voice observes, "they're looking at me so weird—they're pulling out their buttered popcorn to stare at their cellphones." They're offering empathy with anyone who's been subjected to intrusive stares and the feeling of being on display.

That empathy makes the conclusion of that previous lyric even more heartbreaking. "I'm left wondering why I'm here." It's a literal reminder that they're all alone without anyone to turn to.

Kaatii's music and life have been about finding one's own path and a welcoming community. So when they sing, "take me home—no, I don't belong there," it's both a twist of the knife but also a jubilant cry to anyone listening that your community is here. Be that superterrestrial humanoid right alongside Kaatii.

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Stream "Superterrestrial Humanoid" below.

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