Sunday, September 24, 2023

Joseph Boudreau has been carving his name on the monoliths of rock ‘n’ roll over the last decade and a half now. The Hamilton-born singer-songwriter, who is no stranger to playing stages and singing his heart out, is without a doubt a name to reckon with. His stints in various projects in the past have significantly shaped his multifarious musical leanings, thus the recent unfolding of a new chapter in his sonic endeavors came almost as no surprise.

The Southern Ontario rocker released his solo debut record, Yesterday’s Today, in June. “Each song [on the EP] is a part of a story that only now I’m beginning to understand after some time and reflection,” says Boudreau of the five-track effort. “The conception begins with the title track and a long country road where I lost myself to thought and watched the moment that the innocence of youth slipped away.”

Yesterday’s Today notably sees Boudreau embarking on a new direction. It exhibits in vivid colors his indie alt-rock tendencies graciously matched with his long-term reverence for British rock. He cites The Verve and Oasis as his top influences, and, for the record, he need not say more. In a recent interview on Sarah’s Hotspot, the one-man band revealed that Noel Gallagher’s vague lyricism in particular greatly inspired how he approaches his own.

The EP is both musically and lyrically ambitious, drawing in hybridized sensibilities of ’90s rock and contemporary folk. Its overall concept summarizes Boudreau’s quarter-life musings—personal and mundane—on life at large. “The sound of children playing is a deliberate effort to emphasize the lyrics ‘Do you remember when we were young?'” he says of the title track. Truly, Boudreau is not only dedicated to his craft, he is also as genuine, to say the least.

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Watch the official music video for “Yesterday’s Today” and stream the whole EP below.

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