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Many musicians claim to be storytellers. But a storyteller is more than someone who tells a story. Geeva Flava are true storytellers.

From the opening ambient wind to the absurdist nautical wedding, “LAGOON” charts a layered narrative. Based on a comic book they’re releasing with their upcoming album Hadal Zone, the music captures the characters’ emotional state and tone while the video summarizes the plot.

As a tale told through multiple media, Aybars Gülümser, Burak Erensoy, Arda Semercioğlu, and Atakan Türkan elevate what would be a sarcastic “countryside wedding at sea” to the realm of fine art. Brilliant costume design, surprising chord progressions, and artistic flair build out a dimensional world exceeding any single artistic expression of this romance.

Each artistic touch is dreamy, chill, and positive, laddering up to an experience that pulls you deeper the more you explore. That is what it means to be a “universal storyteller,” as they’re best described. Whether you understand the English lyrics, piece together the rich backstory told through costuming, or identify the jazz, folk, and progressive rock elements in the keytar highlights, you understand their story.

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When music is more than music, it’s art.

Watch “LAGOON” below.


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