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Through acoustic instrumentation, palpable simile, and honey-languid vocals Eve Adams tells stories with her gentle tunes. Ringing from acoustic folk music styles popularized by artists such as Valerie June, Big Thief, and Margaret Glaspy, this singer-songwriter does a wonderful job of painting memorable melodies that exemplify her unique vision of the world and how to portray it in sound.

In "Blues Look the Same", a reflection on our collective experience of life and the sadness it brings is sung through what seems like a conversation between Eve and the universe, as well as a warning to us, her listeners. Playful imagery of animals, colors, and childlike artifacts are brought up to juxtapose the innocence and freedom of a carefree childhood and the realities of adulthood.

"Time, it comes running at your heels in the dark/ chasing your memory like a dog with no bark," she croons. "I say don't tell me my trouble's aren't real/ Yours are no lesser I just am how I feel."

Eve Adams is based out of Los Angeles, California. She has worked closely with saxophonist Military Genius on In Hell (2017). A familial tragedy forced Eve into a repose before reuniting with the latter and finishing what is now her latest album, Metal Bird.

"To me, Metal Bird is like a collection of seat pocket poems written on a long flight. It's a memento of the three years I spent exploring the sky while wondering where to land," she said of the record.

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Stream "Blues Look the Same" below.

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