Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Three music gurus who go by the name Club Panther Claw are without doubt about to dominate the ever-growing New Zealand indie music scene. Led by singer-songwriter Luke Leaf, the act enlists instrumentalists Reuben Pearce and Tom Maxwell when playing live, resulting in uniquely vivacious performances.

Driving basslines and electronica-tinged drumbeats define Club Panther Claw’s highly eclectic jams, where the outfit’s purely energetic synth fetish always leaves fans with the question: “What’s going to happen next?”

Starting out in 2019 with the song “Everyone“, the three-piece are best known for their post-punk revival-inspired sound—like LCD Soundsystem meets Phoenix. Light psychedelic elements painted with grungy bites waft across their sonic ether, and the lads want exactly just that.

“Here Comes the Rain”, the band’s latest single released a month ago, features an impressively technical electro-pop sketch. An inrush of calculated breaks creates a vibe that’s nothing short of posh, letting the raw, grainy vocal punches to sneak out at leisure.

All instruments on the track were played and recorded by Leaf alone, claiming he came up with the piece while trying to “imagine what it would be like living through ancient times as described by geophysicists Dr. Robert Schoch, and his theory of the Sphinx and an earlier cycle of civilization that was decimated by mass ejections from the sun.”

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You know you dig that.

Stream “Here Comes the Rain” below.

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