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If you want to see someone perform live like Bryan Chua, you should see the man himself. There's nobody quite like him when it comes to getting any crowd all eyes and ears at his gigs. Navigated by his jaw-dropping musicianship—improvising through loops and real-time overdubs—Chua's performances guarantee listeners not only a cozy lyrical adventure but a total singer-songwriter treat.

His acoustic-based tunes hold stories from his personal experiences and those of the ones around him. The 23-year-old solo artist knows exactly how to put his thoughts together to create melodies that can resonate with feelings that either cut deep or spark hope.

Chua has been playing since 2016 and has appeared on several music publications, pitching alongside his advocacy for mental health awareness.

Check out Bryan Chua and make him our first Artist of the Month! Support him directly at https://bryanchuawj.bandcamp.com!

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