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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

From the largest city in Somerset, England, hails our latest featured band, All Smiles in Wonderland. The Bath-based five-piece emo clique are easily the ones to turn to when things get a bit rough. No, they won't cheer you up—not for the most part—but they sure will help you come out of whatever emotions you're drowning in one way or another.

The Maddie Christy-fronted band consists of sick musicians from all over: Jack Dodge, Tristan Gorman (Sunset Sunday), George Clark (Hedgehog and the Clementines, Beyond Beta), and Chris Tucker (And Alice). Together they create smooth sailing anthems that are firmly melancholic to the core but sound convincingly consoling on the surface.

All Smiles in Wonderland's use of space and breadth, in particular, perfectly complements Christy's delicate, numbing voice and solidifies their emotive pop punk identity. Their ability to stick to the genre's complex, finite criteria is crystal clear in all of their songs, but is conveniently non-restrictive. Listen to their latest effort, State of Serenity, for instance, and hear for yourself.

By all means, it's safe to tag All Smiles in Wonderland as Paramore's distant cousins who happen to be neighbors with The Sundays' Harriet Wheeler and The Cranberries. They're My Bloody Valentine's sophisticated godchildren that were gifted with Lush and The Anniversary records growing up. This band's seminal work on indie pop punk is hands down something else.

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Check out All Smiles in Wonderland now and vote for them to be our Artist of the Month. Some cool perks await if they win! https://allsmilesinwonderland.bandcamp.com

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