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Sofi Gev in contemplation. Sofi Gev stars as supporting cast in new single “You’re The Star” January 15, 2021 by Ben McCoy A shattered slow burn revealing fear and fortitude.
Edward Phillips – “Something Beautiful” December 28, 2020 by Anjali Rose Kumar Coined as "a somber slop-ballad” by the artist himself, the tune’s production and writing resonates with many of the world's all-time favorite sad boys.
Crack the armor with Tara Hack’s “London Guard” January 9, 2021 by Ben McCoy Clear vocals and swelling orchestration stave off an emotional shattering.

All-time fan favorites

UNXIGNED Highlights: Edi Callier June 8, 2020 by Sam Corrazza The moment Callier voices his first note and begins hitting those goosebumps-rousing falsettos, listeners can only find themselves becoming part of the magic.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Suzy Callahan July 16, 2020 by Sam Corrazza While her style has surreptitiously evolved 15 years since Happier Than Everybody Else, her time-honored musical identity remarkably remains unspoiled.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Pons May 5, 2020 by Sam Corrazza America runs on Pons.

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