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UXIGNED Highlights: Parker Smith March 25, 2021 by Anjali Rose Kumar Thoughtful imagery sheds light on a larger theme.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Geeva Flava March 21, 2021 by Ben McCoy When music is more than music, it’s art.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Jeni Schapire April 1, 2021 by Anjali Rose Kumar Like a reverie, Schapire's single pulls listeners into swells of synth-scapes and gentle movements that lull the longing hearts learning to embrace the growth and mortality of life.

Best newcomers

Find light amidst the darkness of COVID-19 with “Bloodhounds” by Jet City Sports Club January 21, 2021 by Anjali Rose Kumar This feel-good vibe offers perspective on the concept of "inner peace" or simply feeling enough...
Wings of Desire – “Chance of a Lifetime” February 28, 2021 by Ben McCoy A musical statement of intent that the moment you’re yearning for can be made real.
Fall in love to Sleep Walking Animals’ “Wild Folk” April 3, 2021 by Anjali Rose Kumar Gentle, soothing harmonies cascaded to build a warm, spirited mood.

All-time fan favorites

UNXIGNED Highlights: Edi Callier June 8, 2020 by Sam Corrazza The moment Callier voices his first note and begins hitting those goosebumps-rousing falsettos, listeners can only find themselves becoming part of the magic.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Suzy Callahan July 16, 2020 by Sam Corrazza While her style has surreptitiously evolved 15 years since Happier Than Everybody Else, her time-honored musical identity remarkably remains unspoiled.
UNXIGNED Highlights: Pons May 5, 2020 by Sam Corrazza America runs on Pons.

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