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In the bustling city of Montreal, start-up Xposure Music is making waves in the music industry. Founded by two young music entrepreneurs, Gregory Walfish and Ryan Garber, this artist-centered platform is turning the dreams of artists into reality by offering a unique, practical, and accessible business model. With a focus on individual experiences, Xposure Music provides a space for musicians to showcase their talent to industry professionals, making the once-elusive exposure more attainable than ever before.

Designed for artists

Xposure Music operates on a simple premise: artists sign up and submit their music for free to a roster of experts from labels, management firms, marketing agencies, and social media companies. This process streamlines the often daunting task of reaching industry professionals, allowing artists to prioritize their time and resources effectively. By offering basic features at no cost, Xposure Music ensures that artists from all backgrounds can participate and have a fair chance to be discovered.

Xposure Music founders, in their own words

Customized feedback, support, and advice

While the core features of Xposure Music are free, artists have the option to pay for additional services such as written or video feedback, as well as live calls with industry executives. This personalized feedback not only provides valuable insights and constructive criticism but also allows artists to gain a deeper understanding of their work and identify areas for improvement. By investing in these optional services, artists can receive targeted guidance tailored to their specific needs, empowering them to grow and thrive in the competitive music industry.

Efficient submissions and enhanced visibility

Xposure Music stands out by incorporating specific filters and criteria to help executives manage and organize music submissions effectively. These filters encompass factors such as genre, engagement, streams, track type (song or beat), and release status (released or unreleased). This streamlined approach ensures that industry professionals can efficiently navigate through the submissions and discover the most promising talent. By enhancing visibility and enabling precise targeting, Xposure Music maximizes the chances of artists gaining the attention they deserve.

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One of Xposure Music's recent collaborations involved partnering with Canadian YouTube creators MONTREALITY. Together, they organized a contest offering a coveted slot to perform at the prestigious Montreal Mural Festival. This collaboration not only exhibited the power of synergistic partnerships but also highlighted Xposure Music's commitment to providing artists with exclusive opportunities to shine and be on the right stage. By forging connections with established entities in the industry, Xposure Music creates a pathway for artists to access a wider audience and unlock exciting career prospects.

True to their word, Xposure Music connects artists with industry professionals, making the pursuit of exposure more achievable and cost-effective—literally. Through its provision of tailored feedback, streamlined submission management, and opportunity offerings, Xposure Music enables artists to elevate their careers to unprecedented levels. Artists now possess a formidable tool to navigate the dynamic music industry, securing the recognition they rightfully merit with this invaluable resource.

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