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Gemïny-My Dark. Twisted Valentine

Gemïny‘s latest EP, My Dark. Twisted Valentine dives into the artist’s soul. It’s a confessional diary born from the recurring dreams that inspired them. This captivating narrative exploits their expansive vocal range and poignant falsetto to convey complex emotions, tethering us to the love, pain, and heartbreak of this EP.

At the heart of My Dark. Twisted Valentine is “Vice”. In this love story, the insomnia, depression, and aching love culminate. His admission, “Without you, I can’t sleep,” adds a personal connection to the lofty but universal themes.

The buildup up to “Vice” starts in the very first track, “Alone (Sleepless)”. Its hauntingly sparse and beautiful opening, eerily dissonant with a minor melody, sets the stage for broody vocals. Every syllable is weighed down by the pain we can feel coming. 

That emotional depth carries through all the way to the last track, “TKO (Cradle Song)”. As the ballad-like conclusion starts, it’s interrupted by an aggressive countdown, “one, two, three, four,” kicking off a return to the gentle. Even in the resolution, we can feel the abuse and aggression underscoring this story.

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Gemïny’s words, sometimes caressing you, sometimes spat rapid-fire and bursting with energy, resonate. You may dance, you may cry, but you can’t forget.

Stream My Dark. Twisted Valentine below.

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