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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Tricia Collins

Tricia Collins makes a Long Story Short with her musical journey of heartfelt intimacy

Her debut EP weaves a tapestry of emotion through Americana, indie pop, and personal revelations.

Tricia Collins shares shards of her soul in Long Story Short. Her debut EP weaves together the best elements of Americana, singer-songwriter, and indie pop, inviting us through every chapter in her hero's journey toward solo artistry. Beyond marking personal milestones, each of the five tracks stands out for its soulful, light, and equally evocative musical arrangements, making the instrumentation a captivating focal point of the narrative.

"Time" opens the EP with a direct address to the listener, but really to herself. Collins' voice, laced with a bracing frankness, cuts through the air, backed by a fiddle that echoes her inner turmoil with delicate, decisive strokes. This declaration refuses to mince words with lines like, "Time will never hear my voice."

"In the Light of the Moon" then takes us into a seemingly lighter realm. But simplicity is only surface deep. Above the track's sparse instrumentation, bewitching vocal harmonies tease out a story rich in layered meanings.

The cathartic release from the chains of her past returns in "Over It". Her brutal honesty in lines like "Think I'm over it" rings over the stark harmony. The fiddle rocks with mutual anger, channeling her feelings again.

We dive deeper into Collins' heart with "Somebody Said". Her fingers slide across the guitar strings as if we're sitting right there with her, underscoring her confessions with gentle, yet anticipating percussion.

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And finally, "Just A Dream" closes the EP on a note of hopeful longing. The tight vocal harmonies mirror her anticipation of a new chapter in life. The fiddle, starting with soft, staccato strikes, births long lines that support each word of this virtual lullaby.

Long Story Short invites us to walk Tricia Collins' life with her and see all the wonder and mess of real love, loss, and hope.

Stream Long Story Short below.

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