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Thursday, July 18, 2024
SANJAY-Ancestral Visions

SANJAY's latest album, Ancestral Visions, takes us through his profound spiritual journey, touching on heartbreak, self-discovery, and ultimately, rebirth. Drawing inspiration from his transformative experience at a silent meditation retreat in Peru, SANJAY blends found sounds from the jungle, native percussion, and electronica elements to create a spiritual yet driving soundscape.

The album, which was released in drips and drabs throughout 2023, is now collected into two distinct parts. The first four tracks explore struggle and adversity, while the last four plunge into spirituality. 

From the ominous opening of "Transmissions" to the hopeful conclusion of "Waiting For The Sun", each track in the first half isn't just SANJAY's journey, but ours too. In "Dive2", SANJAY urges us to "dive deep into the darkness and be the light," while the lyrics of "Dark Force Angel" carry an almost harsh metal quality but with a hopeful note.

Segueing the gritty reality of the first four tracks into the spiritual realm is "Fireplace Interlude". The powerful and haunting tone of Trevor Yazzie of the Diné (Navajo tribe) mixes with almost religious reverence into tight harmonies.

Yazzie isn't the only guest artist on SANJAY's album. "New Roads" features Lavva, the afro-indigenous artist who tells us "don't be afraid to let the stars fall; that's how you make the new lights." This hopeful sentiment is echoed in "The Awakening", where SANJAY tells us "it's time to wake up and wipe the dust from your eyes."

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Ancestral Visions closes with "Waiting For The Sun". With its gospel choir-like harmonies and uplifting message, the track serves as both a thematic and literal conclusion to the album, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is always the promise of a new dawn.

SANJAY's Ancestral Visions invites us to consider our own spiritual journeys with his combination of nature and electronica, profound lyrical insights and earworm hooks.

Stream Ancestral Visions below.

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