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Rosetta West - Labyrinth

From the heartland of Illinois, Rosetta West return with their new album Labyrinth, an eclectic fusion of blues rock, tribal beats, and elements of psychedelia and world folk music. The 14-track album is a musical journey from start to finish.

The opening track, "Red Rose Mary Bones", sets a rumbling tone for the album. Joseph Demagore's commanding vocals, combined with Jason X's heavy bass lines and the elusive Nathan Q Scratch's dynamic percussion, create a compelling narrative of darkness and mystery that beckons listeners deeper into the album. This track epitomizes the band's ability to layer their music with rich, emotional depths, setting the stage for a journey through the shadows and through a blend of genres.

Starting with a tribal vibe, "The Temple" bleeds into a cowboy rock feel. "Deeper Than Magic" offers a spooky tone from start to finish. Both tracks showcase the band's skill in balancing powerful rock elements with introspective lyrics, creating a space where listeners can reflect on their own emotional labyrinths.

"Roman Mountains" and "Blue Fog" continue this theme, with storytelling that feels both personal and expansive. These songs exemplify how Rosetta West uses their music as a medium for storytelling, crafting tracks that resonate on multiple levels.

But it's not just heartstrings and camaraderie, "Ginny's Gone" bursts out with a punk-like opening before setting the stage for some lovelorn lyrical fun. And "Shine" blends classic rock instrumentation with classic rock themes, with lines like "washing down the whiskey with a bottle of wine." Labyrinth twists and turns on every track, reinventing itself with each new melodic strain. The album's titular track, "Labyrinth", epitomizes this. Both the lyrics and the melody feel like a rock interpretation of a traditional folk tune. And when the bridge hits, it snakes around a tonal center, mesmerizing and pulling you in deeper.

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The band has twisted blues, rock, and more into Labyrinth. From the grungy opening in chords to the attention-grabbing vamp in "Superior", the concluding track, the album courses through you, revealing new thoughts and expressions as each beat strikes. Every turn invites us to find our way through our own emotional mazes. As "Sanctuary" says, "All my world is changing; my soul is rearranging for you." 

See where Labyrinth takes you. Stream it below.

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