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Niro Knox

It’s an overture to a rock symphony. Niro Knox has laid down the gauntlet with the first six tracks he plans to include in his debut album next year. With guitar solos rife with ferocious precision and vocals resonating with crystal clarity, each track revels in rock’s greatest feelings of defiance, longing, and resilience.

“I Don’t Care” erupts as a fierce anthem of autonomy. Knox’s guitar work mirrors the track’s unapologetic spirit. “Save Me” takes us on a heartfelt journey reminiscent of ’80s rock ballads, but with a modern edge that captures the timeless cry for salvation.

“Bad Times” drives forward with an unrelenting beat, echoing the persistence necessary to traverse life’s rougher patches, while “Love Me Back” delivers power chords that underscore the tumultuous ride of unreciprocated affection. Knox tells it straight—there’s no room for sugar-coating in rock.

No truth hits harder than with the contemplative “I Won’t Let You Down”. A promise woven into softer melodies that erupt into a high-energy chorus, showcasing Knox’s dynamic range. And as “I Don’t Believe You” closes his first act, we’re left with Knox’s classic metal tones.

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The music he’s put out so far is just his prelude. Next summer, he’ll drop a full album filled with more vamps, solos, and face-melting moments.

Stream “I Don’t Believe You”, Knox’s most streamed track, below.

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