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Stacy Ann-A Change In The Wind

Stacey Ann is leaving adolescence but not without exploring how she got here. A Change In The Wind ends her coming-of-age epoch and starts something just as honest, profound, and life-affirming. 

Opening with "April", the EP immediately sets a tone of rebirth and newfound joy. Stacey Ann's vocals are sweetly draped over lively trumpets, evoking the thrill of spring love that opens the heart to hope once more.

In "Daughter", the EP's lead single, she delves into the poignant conflict of identity and finding a place where you're accepted. The bluesy undercurrent and evocative lyrics carry a potent, stirring emotion that blooms with each note.

Shifting deeper in introspection, "Crumbs" ponders the sorrow of a damaging love and what it takes to step away. The simplicity of the piano reflects the solitude of her resolve, punctuating the somber realization with a haunting melody.

Up next is the downtempo piece, "Silver Lining"—a contemplative look at seeking connection in the digital age filled with yearning and wrapped in hopeful strings.

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Ending the EP is "Ripples". Sending us off on a high note, it's full of infectious energy and radiant vocal runs. A perfect lift after the heavier previous tracks.

Stacey Ann has chronicled her last five years of heartbreak, love, and friendship celebrating her next chapter.

Stream A Change In The Wind below.

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