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Drawing Mazes - Living With Friction

Living with Friction, the debut EP from Drawing Mazes, maps human struggle on the solace of human connection. Each track pulses of life's challenges, but carries you forward with hopeful and positive messages.

The lead single, "Planning an Escape", opens with a gentle piano riff. Its descending arpeggios beckon listeners to overcome life's confines, culminating in a bridge that bursts into a hopeful techno-infused finale.

"Stay Loose" ups the tempo slightly, capturing the dance of compromise and adaptation in relationships. With a driving beat, it implores listeners to find the rhythm in life's give and take.

The title track, "Living with Friction", infuses funky drums with stretched-out vocals that ride the waves of life's tension, creating an anthem for pushing through life's relentless beats.

And after the energetic third track comes "Perfect Therapy" with its spiritual undertones highlighted by intimate guitar work. "When you look at me, do you feel like a broken memory?" they ask—a concise and potent musical package.

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Closing the EP, "Misunderstood" sprinkles sparse harmonies under a message of empathy and support. Punctuated by a divine horn solo, the track is a comforting hand extended in a time of need.

Living With Friction encapsulates our need for connection. Savor its honest, melodically rich stories.

Drawing Mazes is Chicago-based producer Chris Pusinelli.

Stream Living with Friction below.

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